Who We Are

Why Me Ministries is a multi-cultural, non-denominational Christian ministry based in the greater Seattle area. Our focus is to lead people to Christ and to equip youth to live out God’s plan for them through sound biblical teaching and relational worship that brings life transformation.

We believe every life has a purpose in God’s eyes and one can only find life’s meaning through knowing and believing in Jesus Christ, who is the way, the truth, and the life.

He is the way who leads us to our loving heavenly Father, our creator.

He is the truth who sets us free from our sins and bondage.

He is the life who lays down his life on the cross so we can live an abundant life with a glorious purpose, from now until eternity.

We desire to see a generation rise up, experience freedom from the bondage of sin, depression, stress and sorrow through knowing Jesus Christ. This freedom will propel them to live a purpose-driven life that glorifies God and impacts others.


What We Believe

Our Vision

Our Team