Why Me Ministries: Science and Faith


Dr. Yong Fang Zhang grew up in China, later continued his study in the U.S. and graduated from California Institute of Technology with a Ph.D. degree. Under the influence of communism in China, he was taught and became an atheist. By the grace of God, Dr. Zhang met Jesus during his start up company and his life has forever changed, with much grace and blessing. He believes that the discoveries of modern science not only have NOT weakened faith in God, rather they supported the biblical narrative and provided even stronger evidences to the Christian faith. In this workshop, Dr Zhang will cover the following topics and also provide Q&A session to answer any questions.


This seminar will cover the followings:

  • New discoveries of modern science
  • The Universe had a beginning
  • Life is based on digital information
  • The basic software of life, its operating system, has not evolved
  • Bible about the beginning
  • Bible’s teachings about information
  • The errors of atheism
  • The Christian faith started and propelled the development of modern science
  • Science provided compelling evidence to the biblical world view


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